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Radio Khiaban رادیو خیابان

کتاب روایت‌های خیابان را از اینجا دانلود کنید:

Radio Khiaban Publication (1)
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Between the years of 2018 and 2022, I published 12 episodes of a participatory podcast project called Radio Khiaban. The project was born out of my own experience of singing in public spaces of Iran, and following that I invited women in Iran to sing in the public spaces and participate in this podcast. Each episode of the podcast focused on an aspect of gender and space in Iran, and in each I interviewed one singer who sang in public spaces and talked about her experience of singing in a country where singing for women is banned.

Two episodes of Radio Khiaban are published in English and ten in Farsi:

دوازده اپیزود رادیو خیابان که دوتای آن به انگلیسی است و ده تا به فارسی:‌

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