Artist, writer and academic stretched between London and Tehran.

Her work explores the sociopolitical norms and the structure of the spaces and performances of the everyday life. Her main source of inspiration is autobiographical and her personal stories, and also stories of other participants' lived experiences.

She works across different mediums of live art, video, text and photo and the projects are often participatory and interactive. 

Her research and academic work is often autobiographical and participatory and she tries to question the politics of body and space in her writings. 


2020    : PhD Performance Studies Goldsmiths, University of London 

2012    : MA Fine Art (Distinction), Chelsea College, University of the Arts, London

2010    : BA Architecture, Art Universuty of Tehran    

Selected exhibitions and performances:

2018, Killjoy Party: A Celebration of Disruptive Women, Libreria, London

2016, Forced Interuption, participatory video, as part of Enghelab Street group exhibition, ZK/U Berlin

2014, from one home to the other, interactive performance-lecture exploring layers of different maps we move one when we travel, as part of the Graduate Festival at Goldsmiths, University of London

2013: Looking for Tehran, a travel-performance project of one month travelling

overland from London to Tehran 

2013, If the spring comes one day, interactive performance, SOAS University  

2012, Half-open mouth, Poetry performance and book launch, The Yard Theatre, London

2012, I’m my leftover baby, MA Final Show, Chelsea College of art and design          

2012, No matter how far, group performance, Brunei Gallery, London                   

2012, Olympics in Syria, Performance in public space, Olympic site in Hyde Park, London

2012, one-on-one performance, Land of Kings Festival, London                

2012, how do you spend your day?, the Round Chapel, Chelsea Salon Series, London

2012, you may say I’m a dreamer, well I really think so, video-performance, curated show by Cape Fare well     

2011, One-on-one performance, Curated show by Stoke Newington Int. Airport, LASD, London       

2011, I’m not the other, video-performance, Group Exhibition, Rag Factory Gallery, London   

Selected Conferences and talks:

2017, Performance Philosophy Conference 2017, Prague 

2016, ASTR (American Society of Theatre Research) 2016, Minneapolis, US

2016, Andar(Bir)ouni, Talkwalk Lecture Series, Tehran, Iran 

2016, Rupture in Space, Charsoo Art Institute, Tehran, Iran 

2016, Rediscovering the Radical Conference, Liverpool, UK

2016, A Car of Her Own, a performance-talk at University of Leeds, UK


2015, Sleeping with Tehran, Performance Research Journal, On Sleep issue

2013, Travel-report project with Shargh newspaper which was published for a month during the one

month travelling overland from London to Tehran                             

2012, Half-open mouth, poetry book in Persian   

Workshops and Teaching:

2016, Liminal, workshop of performance and architecture, Tehran, Iran

Press and interviews:

TV Interview with VOA for the London-Tehran travel project

BBC Persian Website report on London-Tehran travel project

TV Interview with VOA for Half-Open Mouth poetry book




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